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Trade Show

Agroexpo exhibitors are consolidated leading companies in the market, related to the agricultural and livestock sector, with innovative and efficient products, services and technologies focused on the development of the sector at a professional level:
  • Agroindustrial sample.
  • Equipment and machinery.
  • Agricultural supplies.
  • Agricultural facilities.
  • Clean production systems.
  • Livestock sample.
  • Animal production.
  • Sustainable livestock production systems.
  • Livestock equipment and machinery.
  • Livestock inputs.
  • Veterinary services, pharmaceutical laboratories and instrumental equipment.
  • Advisory services in animal production.
  • Other sectors.
  • Transport services for agricultural and livestock production.
  • Research and development of technologies.
  • Educational institutions and agricultural training.
  • Trade associations.
  • Financial entities.
  • Government entities.

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